Jordan face major water challenges, minister

10-02-2019 04:11 PM News In English

Minister of Water and Irrigation Raed Abu Saudi said that Jordan's water sector faces major challenges due to the increasing demand, the decline in available water resources and the decline in the level of groundwater basins in various areas due to over-pumping and the high costs of providing clean water resources . 

The minister made the remarks as he patronized a workshop in Amman on Sunday entitled "Water Opportunities and Challenges in Jordan". 

He said the ministry is determined to implement important water projects to provide renewable water resources including the Red Sea- Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project.

"The ministry is working with all donors as well as with the private sector to ensure sustainable water resources and increase storage capacity of dams to 400 million cubic meters (mcm) by 2025 by building new dams," Abu Saud said, noting that the current storage in dams does not exceed 36 percent of the total dam capacity of 336 mcm .

He added that the ministry is also seeking to expand water and sanitation services to reach 80 percent by 2025, while increasing the efficiency of water and sanitation facilities, reducing water loss and strengthening private sector partnership.

The minister also highlighted the water sector strategy for the years 2019-2025, which aims to bridge the gap between demand and availability of water resources by more than 15%, develop the available ones to increase the per capita share of potable water and implement projects that provide water resources with an additional capacity of 180 million mcm. 

Participants in the workshop discussed challenges facing the water sector in Jordan, solutions for these challenges as well as steps that have been taken by the water sector to improve water services across the Kingdom.


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