Tunisian court sentences seven terrorists to life for deadly 2015 attacks

09-02-2019 04:18 PM News In English

- A Tunisian court has sentenced seven terrorists to life in prison over attacks at a museum and on a beach in 2015 that left dozens of tourists dead, prosecutors said Saturday.

Prosecution spokesman Sofiene Sliti said that dozens of defendants faced two separate trials over the closely linked shootings, which occurred just months apart in Tunis and Sousse, but many were acquitted.

The first attack took place in March 2015 at the museum, in which gunmen killed 22 persons, including a Tunisian security guard, four French nationals, four Italians, three Japanese and two Spaniards.

Four were sentenced to life in prison for the shooting rampage at a Sousse resort in June 2015, which killed 38 people, mostly British tourists.


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