443 thousand tourists visit Madaba governorate

06-12-2018 04:26 PM News In English

Juhainanews - More than 443,000 tourists visited the governorate of Madaba to the end of last November.

Director of Madaba Tourism, Wael Al-Ja'ini, said tourists, who visited this city, have registered a record number until the end of last November.

Al-Ja'ini told "Petra" most of the visitors, who flocked Madaba, were US, Indian, and Spanish nationals, with Americans at the top of the list with 52,000 tourists.

Al-Ja'ini noted the number of local visitors has increased significantly, reaching 34, 000 visitors, adding this city is characterized by its diverse tourist attractions.

The previous record number of tourists the city registered was in 2010, where 399,000 visited it.


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