Water ministry carries out 100-million euros projects in Irbid and Ramtha regions

06-12-2018 04:06 PM News In English

Juhainanews - The Ministry of Water and Irrigation signed a grant and loan agreement with the French side, the German Reconstruction Bank (KfW) and the European Union (EU) worth 100 million euros on Thursday to provide technical support to the Yarmouk Water Company (YWC).

The agreement, signed by the Water Minister, Raed Abu Soud in the presence of French Ambassador David Bertolotti and representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the EU, aims to prepare studies and prepare tender documents for the rehabilitation and implementation of new water and sewage networks in Irbid and Ramtha regions.

Abu Soud said the ministry is working with donor countries to implement a number of programs and plans to improve the water supply and upgrade the environmental level, especially in the northern regions, where the highest rates of Syrian refugees are dense and to enable the YWC to deal with the exceptional circumstances triggered by the Syrian refugee crisis, which rose demand for water to more than 40 percent in the four northern governorates.

The minister noted the projects will increase efficiency of the networks and improve citizens' access to water, adding the grants and loans will reduce water loss and improve quality of services provided to citizens, which will provide additional quantities of water during the coming period.

On the first phase of the project, he said the agreement between the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Jordanian-French consortium consisting of Jordanian and French contractors will prepare studies and tender documents for the improvement and implementation of main water carrier lines in the cities of Irbid and Ramtha as a first stage (the first package) worth 35 million euros.

He said 3 bids will be executed within 24 months to end in 2021 to serve more than 1.5 million citizens, in addition to about 25% of the governorate's population of refugees, and to provide technical support to YWC to ensure the efficiency of operation and maintenance of water networks, as well as sustainability of new investments and reduction of water loss in the cities of Irbid and Ramtha.

On the second phase, the minister said its value is 65 million euros, which includes rehabilitation of water networks in those cities.

For his part, Bertolotti said there are plans and programs to provide more support, especially in the field of development of water, sanitation and reuse services as Jordan is a distinguished model in managing its scarce water resources efficiently.


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