Ukraine embassy marks several national occasions

04-12-2018 04:23 PM News In English

Al-Anbat  - The Ukraine embassy in Amman on Tuesday marked the Dignity and Freedom Day in honor of the 2004 Orange Revolution and the 2013 Revolution of Dignity, and the Holodomor famine of 1932-33.

During the event, Ukrainian Ambassador, Sergiy Pasko, said "The Ukrainian people, through these peaceful revolutions, has chosen freedom and justice and the right to decide its own future."

The people and youth who participated in these revolutions have paid their lives as a price for the prosperity of Ukraine, he added, stating that Ukraine today is "stronger than ever."

On the 1932-33 famine that took the lives of almost 7 million Ukrainians, mostly women and children, the envoy said: "Today, we mark the 25th anniversary of this devastating famine which has made Ukraine a strong nation that believes in its ability to develop and prosper."

"We look forward to further developing and boosting the friendly relations with different countries around the world, including Jordan," he added, stressing the deep-rooted Ukrainian-Jordanian ties and the continued efforts to enhance them to achieve the two peoples goals.


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