Shreideh denies news of land distribution in Aqaba

19-10-2018 05:17 PM News In English

Johina News - Aqaba - Khalil Alfrayeh

The head of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZ) Nasser Al-Shuraideh denied all rumors about the distribution of land in the city of Aqaba,Stressing that what is rumored and circulated by some about the distribution of land in Aqaba is not true and was not raised by any official body in the Kingdom at all. Al-Sherida said in his talk to the program Hadith Almadina on the Voice of Aqaba radio,This subject is the responsibility of the government, which did not inform us in the authority of Aqaba about any such thing,He called on those who make these rumors and statements to be accurate and properly informed from their sources and to refrain from fanning the street for populist purposes and inflaming public opinion. And about the statements and statements circulated by some MPs and citizens and social networking sites on the rental of one of the berths of the new port of Aqaba ..Shreideh stressed that this decision is not an individual decision of the Aqaba Special Economic Authority or Aqaba Development Company, but the decision of the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and is the only one capable of achieving the interests of the Jordanian state in various fields,Pointing out at the same time that rumors about the payment of fees and allowances instead of the use of the old port berths is a disgrace and comes in the door of the skin of national institutions and assassination for purely populist purposes,Stressing that the work continues in the old docks until the end of this year without any financial obligations. Noting at the same time that the authority of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone asked the Commission for Integrity and Combating Corruption extensive investigation into accusations by one of the deputies about the process of leasing to follow up on anyone who tries to distort the facts and mislead public opinion. Shreideh explained that there may be delays in the number of elements of the project, "Eagle Hills", but recently achieved many of the great achievements in the large investment project. He pointed out that the project is proceeding at a high pace and in full harmony with the comprehensive plan for the entire elements of the project. He confirmed that the Manara Hotel was opened within the Saraya Aqaba project and by the end of this year another hotel will be opened. Al-Shuraideh said that the work in Al-Raha village within the project of Marsa Zayed is almost complete, stressing that the project is linked to the process of speeding up the work that the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority has sought to achieve. With regard to the termination of the services of some of the workers with the contractors in Saraya Aqaba projects, he explained that some of the contractors had completed their work and thus led to their exit from the project, which led to the termination of the work of a number of workers and employees in those projects. He stressed that the project "Eagle Hills" project is large and giant will see the coming days a number of bids within the stages of the project and may lead to the opening of new jobs to accommodate a large number of Jordanians. With regard to the reopening of the Naseeb crossing, Al-Shuraideh said that the crossing is a vital artery for the Kingdom in terms of trade and economic relations,Stressing that the reopening of the crossing establishes a new beginning and renewed relations that allow us to restore the Syrian market and take advantage of the opportunities that are available for the reconstruction of Syria during the coming years to lift the siege that was on our economy because of the political circumstances that hit the neighboring countries,Pointing to the ability of the Jordanian ports system to serve the requirements of opening the vital economic crossing. On the other hand, the head of the Authority revealed the introduction of a British specialized company to manage and operate the entertainment complex with all its services in Aqaba Special Economic Zone soon to serve as a tourist and recreational portal for Aqaba and its visitors according to the highest international service standards.

Translated by : Diana Hilal


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