Matar Shamsi: UAE contribution of the Gulf grant is a right and a duty for Jordan

20-09-2018 04:41 PM News In English


The UAE has received political and moral support from Jordan since its inception 

An Initiative to qualify one million Jordanian programmers

Jordanian investments in the UAE  forms 17%


We hope to support Jordanian officials to increase investment in the UAE. 

Juhaina - Amman - Dialogue - Bassam Al-Erian 

"Matar praised Jordanian media professionals for their fruitful participation in supporting the partnership and the development process and highlighting all achievements, stressing that the media are our partners to success and we are happy to listen to their opinions and suggestions and aspirations, so it is not important to disagree but the difference on what is better is the positive difference and I also thank the media brothers, trust in what they write and their eagerness to transmit the correct information.


"We have met our master several times," he said. "I heard from our master, i offered the master, i assured our master,  the word “ our master “ is always linked to his words. He speaks in the voice of the Emirati, Jordanian who is jealous on Jordan and its future, he believes that Jordan and Jordanian people have offered their nation alot, and it is the duty of all to stand with Jordan at all times, Matar said honestly, deeply, transparently and spontaneously.

He recalls the relations between their Majesty King Hussein Ben Talal and Their Highness the  Sheikhs of the United Arab Emirates over the past decades, and stressed the strong relations between His Majesty King Abdullah II Ben Hussein and his brothers, with Sheikhs of the United Arab Emirates, noting that no one can imagine the depth and strength of relations. Which brings together Jordan and the UAE, and at the highest level, relations are greater and more dignified.

He combines the good manners of speech, and being able to get the meaning in a balanced way for he is been a statesman for several decades, and his message is that the sheikhs of the UAE love Jordan, appreciate its leadership and believe in his pivotal role in the issues of his nation. He says to me: I will do everything I can to be a supporter and a catalyst for everything that brings good and progress to Jordan, politically, economically and morally ,,, long meeting and the divergence of dialogue, came out of what you read here.

Amid the deep-rooted historical relations between Jordan and the UAE, Al Shamsi explains that these relations extend back to the period before the establishment of the UAE in the late 1950s. The first medical, educational and military missions to the UAE took place in Al Ain and then moved to the rest of the cities.

Al Shamsi recalls the first trip of His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal at the end of the sixties, in the interest of His Majesty to communicate with his brothers Sheikhs of the UAE, preceded by the visit of Sheikh Shakhbout Ben Sultan Al Nahyan, ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the mid-sixties of the last century to Jordan and then to Jerusalem, and how everyone listened to the His Majesty advices on many issues of his nation, as he was the voice of governance and the conscience of the nation.

"We are proud that Jordan was the first country to recognize the establishment of the Union of the United Arab Emirates and the exchange of ambassadors since the beginning of the state, and this evidence is clear on the political and moral support that the UAE has received since the beginning of the state, and this is clear evidence of political and moral support that the UAE has received from Jordan ad King, Government and people since its inception. 

Thanks to Jordan and Jordanians for the construction and establishment of the United Arab Emirates, Al Shamsi said the first chief of staff of the UAE Armed Forces was (Jordanian), the first commander of the Zayed Military College (Jordanian), and many more sites for their sensitivity and importance, the UAE has trusted the Jordanians and found them the best champion and certain supporters of the strengthening of the State. 

With pride, Al Shamsi confirms that His Majesty King Abdullah II has maintained and strengthened the outstanding relations between the two brotherly countries in all fields, and is always coordinating with his brothers of the sheikhs of the Emirates for the good and progress of our two brotherly countries, pointing out that the coordination between His Majesty our Master and The sheikhs of the UAE are witnessing a continuous development in all issues of concern to the two brotherly countries, as well as Arab, regional and international issues. Al Shamsi stressed that the relations between the leaderships of the two countries are too great to talk about, and we must translate these distinguished relations into opportunities for fruitful cooperation at all levels and in all fields, and I am proud to praise our Master (personal) to His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, during His recent visit to Jordan, and this medal I am proud and this gives me the motivation and to support and strengthen the relations between the two countries, and it holds me a great responsibility to work harder and stronger to improve the level of coordination and mutual cooperation at all times.  

Al Shamsi refers to the close and continuous military cooperation between the two countries at several levels where the different experiences are exchanged at the level of trainers, experts and advisors, stressing that the UAE boasts the experience and the military human capabilities of Jordan, and that there is constant military and security coordination to achieve security and peace and stability for our brotherly countries, and for the Arab and Islamic nations. Al Shamsi also explained that the UAE supports the Jordanian armed forces through various aspects, and has built the military training City project in Zarqa, which includes 99 residential buildings for officers and members of the Jordanian armed Forces-the Arab army, as well as the establishment of military fields of training equipped with the highest Level, cooperation is also being carried out in the field of military industrialization of some military equipment used by the armies of the two states.

Al Shamsi addressed the memorandum of understanding recently signed between the two countries in the field of developing the performance of the government apparatus and improving services, which came in implementation of the directives of the leadership of the two countries to promote and develop government services, and for the benefit of citizens and service recipients, as well as to strengthen capacities Institutional and mutual benefit in the development of government work. Al Shamsi said that several initiatives will be launched in Jordan with the support of UAE official institutions, including an initiative to qualify one million Jordanian programmers over the course of 3 years with the support of the Dubai Future Foundation, King Abdullah Innovation Award and King Abdullah Award for Best government service. And the launch of the first female legislators center Government, management and government capacity building program, and the International Festival for dates Jordan with the support of the Khalifa dates Foundation.

Jordanian-Emirati economic relations are growing steadily in several sectors, and there is an increasing exchange of goods and products between the two countries throughout the year and their size is growing by the end of the year, and the Jordanian-Emirati joint committee has been held in a number of years, and 13 agreements have been signed in several areas and sectors to promote joint cooperation between the two countries. 

There is also coordination at the highest level of cooperation between the two countries in the areas of the infrastructure and the exchange of experience and information in several areas, which will open new and renewed prospects for the development of economic relations in a manner that serves the interests of both parties, by keeping pace with the world's economic openness Large and growing.

Al Shamsi explained that Jordan's investments in the UAE account for 17% of the volume of foreign investment in the country, and that these investments have a positive and important role in the field of infrastructure and in several key areas and vital in the nation, which confirms that the Jordanian investors found in the UAE safe and stable sanctuary For their investments, where the UAE is proud of them and their vital and developmental role in building a modern emirates that thrives day by day. Al Shamsi said that the advanced laws and regulations developed by the UAE to encourage and support the investments in the country have had the biggest role in attracting investors towards them, along with the great investment opportunities offered by the UAE economy to the world to open the way for investment targeted Access to the world from the portal of free zones, industrial cities and private investment zones developed by the UAE on its territory.

The volume of UAE investments in Jordan reached $16 billion, distributed on infrastructure, transport, real estate and renewable energy projects, and Al Shamsi hopes to support his efforts from Jordanian officials to increase UAE investments in Jordan by stimulating new investors to invest in Jordan. Al Shamsi said he is seeking to increase UAE investments in Jordan by coordinating with all stakeholders involved in investment in Jordan, and is working to invite more companies and investors to establish investment and major projects in Jordan, which is considered the investment environment in Jordan, He also hopes to further invest more Emirati investments in Jordan in the coming periods.

Al-Shamsi points out that there is great interest in renewable energy investments, and we hope it will soon emerge on the ground, as there are projects that are already in place, and others are going to see the light soon, he said, adding that renewable energy projects would soon be set up to support the kingdom in this area. Al Shamsi asserts that the support of Jordan by the Arab his brothers is a right and a duty of the known, and Jordan has stood with its nation many positions worthy of appreciation and respect, and the Gulf countries appreciates Jordan's noble positions with it for decades, hence the UAE contribution to the Gulf grant approved by some Gulf countries In 2011, the implementation of its projects extends to date, with the contribution of the UAE in the grant of $1, 25 billion.

The projects funded by the UAE have diversified into a variety of vital and key sectors including health, education, higher education and scientific research, water and sanitation, industry and trade, roads, energy and mineral resources, local development.

Translated by : Yasmeen AbuBaker


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