EMPOWER: a spotlight on women in leadership

جهينة نيوز - 

The G20’s latest forum - The Private Sector Alliance for the Empowerment and Progression of Women’s Economic Representation (EMPOWER) – is shining the spotlight on women in leadership.


As a cross-cutting topic on our agenda, the Saudi G20 Presidency is strongly committed to keeping up the momentum from previous G20 Presidencies to make concrete progress on women and girls’ empowerment. The second meeting of the EMPOWER Alliance aims to continue this work and support greater recruitment and advancement of women to leadership positions in the private sector.


The alliance is establishing a data stock take report to identify the current state of women in leadership positions in the private sector, as well as policy practices related to supporting better gender equality for women in managerial and leadership positions. This benchmark will encourage evidence-based discussions on how to best support the advancement of women to leadership positions.


EMPOWER members will craft a statement with suggested commitments from the private sector ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Riyadh in November.


Further information about the G20, including the Presidency Agenda and full program of events, can be found at www.g20.org

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