124 H1N1 infections recorded in Jordan this year

جهينة نيوز -The Health Ministry said Monday that some 124 infections with the H1N1 flu virus have been detected across the Kingdom that resulted in two deaths, and predicted that the figure will rise further this year.

Dr. Adnan Ishaq, Assistant Secretary-General for Primary Health Care at the Ministry, said that the number of cases infected with the virus had reached 124 in the Kingdom's governorates resulting in two fatalities until the present day. He pointed out that the number of infections in 2017 topped 600, and the figure dropped to 59 last year that were recorded in government and private hospitals.

"It is not cause for concern because treatment is available," Ishak assured, adding that the ministry provided medicine to all government and private hospitals and the Royal Medical Services, and is dispensed for free to all those infected.

He said further that most of the infected people are discharged after receiving treatment, and that only severe cases are admitted.

Ishak said that H1N1, also known as swine flu, is a seasonal infection that spreads between November and March every year, adding that the ministry focuses on spreading awareness of the disease in cooperation with the relevant authorities and through the various media outlets, the Ministry's website and Directorate of Awareness and Information.

He called on the public to follow preventive regulations to curb the transmission of the disease, and to refer to the nearest hospital or medical facility in case symptoms of infection appear.

For his part, head of the Private Hospitals Association Fawzi Hamouri said that all swine flu cases are reported to the Health Ministry, and reassured that such type of flu is seasonal and that vaccinations and medications are available.

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