Japan provides Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Maintenance Training for Jordanian Academics

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Japan provides Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Maintenance
Training for Jordanian Academics
As Salt, December 24, 2019: The delegation of university professors and lecturers from
Al-Balqa Applied University and Tafileh Technical University visited the President of Al-Balqa
Applied University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Zoubi on Tuesday, with the attendance of representatives
from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
In Jordan, a number of hybrid and electric vehicles are widely utilized. According to the
Jordanian Free Zones Investors Association (JFZIA), 23,014 hybrid vehicles and 9,228
electric vehicles were cleared in Jordan in 2018. While the number in 2019 is expected to be
lower due to the change of tax exemption measurement, there still remain huge demands
for highly skilled technicians for maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles.
With the request from Al-Balqa Applied University, through the Government of Jordan, JICA
is organizing an intensive technical training program on the maintenance of hybrid and
electric vehicles, which will be conducted in Japan from 17 January to 2 February 2020. The
training will be implemented with prominent Japanese private firms as well as a recognized
Japanese training institution for automotive professionals.
The University President, Prof. Abdullah Al-Zoubi said, "We appreciate the cooperation with
JICA for supporting the technical education in Jordan. I strongly encourage the participants
of this training program to take this opportunity at a maximum to absorb Japanese
technology and know-how and transfer these knowledge to students in various colleges
across the Kingdom.”
Mr. Noriharu Masugi, Senior Representative of JICA Jordan Office stated, "As the
unemployment is the pressing agenda for Jordan, JICA will continue supporting Jordan’s
technical and vocational education and training (TVET). This training program aims to
enhance the quality of technical education in key technical universities and to facilitate the
skills development which matches with the demand from labour market.”
Eight professors and lecturers will join this training program, from Ma'an University College,
Al Huson University College and Faculty of Engineering Technology (Polytechnic) as well as
Tafileh Technical University. Another training program in Japan is currently scheduled in 2021
for other group of academics.

After the training in Japan, the participants will present the results of the training program,
and disseminate the knowledge and technologies in university classrooms and workshops.
The Project Coordinator, Dr Mohammed Matouq from Al-Balqa University said, "This is an
important program in its kind that expected to build a good partnership between the
academic and private sector at international level that has been implemented successfully
with big support from JICA and Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. We do
look forward to achieving good results after the trainees will come back, while they equipped
with high know-how from a country like Japan. Our big thankful goes to all our partners to
make this effort real.”
Media Contacts: For questions, please contact the following:
Al-Balqa Applied University: Dr. Mohammed Matouq (tel: 079 562 1911)
JICA Jordan Office: Mr. Tamer Abu Mariam (tel: 079 549 6301)
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